Sunday, March 9, 2014

In less than twelve hours...

I just heard my mom tell my husband, "You'll be a Daddy again in less than twelve hours."

It was about that time that I almost threw up. I am a bundle of nerves, sick to my stomach, but at the same time almost weirdly detached. The fact that I am going to be a Mommy again in less than twelve hours is too much for my brain to process.

We made the trek to Guangzhou today via a very comfortable train ride. Seeing a brief glimpse of my daughter's countryside was humbling and I felt the same way I did three years ago when we were in Korea adopting Mabel. It is such an honor and blessing that we get to be a part of these children's lives. We truly are the lucky ones.

(We are staying at the China Hotel Marriott and I will post pictures later. Today was a flurry of checking in and getting settled so there was little time to pull out the camera. It's also freezing here. I have no idea what city and were reporting on, but it certainly is not Guangzhou. It is rainy and very cold; not at all the 70 degree weather that I packed for. Also, did I mention the rain and humidity? And the fact that my flat iron doesn't work because of the voltage/converter/adapter/dohickey thing? Basically this means that I will look like Monica from Friends when she goes on vacation the entire time I am here. Just fyi.)

Please keep Wren in your prayers. Her little world is about to be rocked and turned upside down. She is reported to be especially attached to her foster family and while I am so glad that she has had the care of a family, she has no idea what is about to happen. Even though we have been waiting months and months to meet her, to love her, she has not been waiting for us. The grief that she is about to go through has kept me up nights and tonight especially I will be thinking of nothing but her.

Also, keep Mabel in your prayers as well. This transition will be equally as hard on her little heart and mind.

So. Tomorrow at 2pm.

We both become parents for the second time. Bring it. 

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